Top Ten Tips On Selling Your Diamond Jewelry Online

We all want to make a buck these days. Many have taken to selling things online to bring in some extra cash. Some of you may be looking into selling your diamond jewelry. I have a few special tips to help you in this endeavor before you begin to place your items up for bid.

Do not rush the process

This happens more than you think. Some of you get in a hurry. When you get in a hurry you will not get a good price. Diamond buyers are good at spotting when you are in a hurry. These buyers know you will accept the first price to come across their path. There is a site you can use to help. It is called Diamond Lighthouse. The buyer has a single day to accept or refuse the offer. This can mean the difference between getting $100 and $1,000 for your jewelry. It can mean the difference between getting a good offer versus one from a pawnshop or secondhand dealer.

Get educated

Diamonds are a precious gem. Diamonds are one of the most precious gems on our earth. You need to get educated on what type of jewelry you have. You need to know how mich it is supposed to be worth. Knowing how much your gems are worth will help you get the appropriate price.

Let us assume your jewelry is worth $2,000. Do not go for anything less than this value. You can get a better picture as to which buyers to speak with. Many buyers will try to dupe the uneducated. Diamond Lighthouse is a great way to go. This site can give you an estimated price point. This way you will know what to expect.

Getting a GIA certification is important

The GIA will not give you a price point. The GIA will tell you everything else you need to know. The GIA can give you information on things like cut and clarity. This type of information will make it harder for buyers to short-change you.

Get it cleaned

Do you want more money? Get it cleaned. Getting your jewelry cleaned will bring in more money. One reason why it may not sell as high is due to the appearance. You can do it yourself. You can have it professionally done.

Examine all your options

Look into every option you have. Some sites will bring in more money than others. Do not just pick the first site you come across. Ebay may not be a good bet for you. Picking the right spot says a great deal about the money you will get. Picking a lowball site will give you a lowball offer. Craigslist offers more risk. Ebay offers a potential risk too. Do a compare and contrast of the different sites.

Pawnshops and Second-hand dealers are looking to make a buck

Places like these tend to buy low and sell high. It is best to know this going in. You will get a lowball offer by taking your gems there. You might be able to haggle. Haggling is only good when you know how much your jewelry worth. Haggling works when you know how much money similar pieces will bring in. Haggling should only be attempted by those who know what they are doing.

Check out other prices

Do yourself a favor and check out what other sellers are doing. This is a good way to gauge an appropriate price to list. List the description and other information correctly. Listing something incorrectly will result in a lower price. Attach a picture with the information. Your buyers want to know what he or she is getting into.

Ebay has practiced in place to keep you away from scams. Ebay is not perfect. There is still a chance to get scammed. Do your homework on this. You should only be selling diamond jewelry online when you know what you are doing.

We buy gold

Sites like these may buy gold. This is still a scam. Avoid these types of deals. These businesses are not skilled to correctly place value on your gems. Businesses like this will also tell you your gems are worthless. This is done to avoid getting you the appropriate price. You should only be taking genuine offers and buyers.

Are you asking for a reasonable price?

Going in with an unrealistic expectation for a price will not get you anywhere. You could be asking too much. You could be asking too little. Diamond Lighthouse is good at helping you out. You should consider picking this site. This site will let you know if your asking price is too much or too little. Diamond Lighthouse will correct you on this matter and work to get you the right price.

You can see similar pieces. You can see what they are selling for. Diamond Lighthouse has expert gemologists on staff. It is a ctach-22 here. Diamond Lighthouse may keep your asking price down a little bit. You need to keep in mind a reasonable offer. Sometimes you have to mix the two together. Every situation is different.

Remove the diamond

You may assume your gems are worth more as a full set, but this is not the case. Sometimes the gems need to stand alone. Remove your gems from their settings. Here is one example. You may have a diamond ring without any flaws. It is better to remove the setting. This way the buyer can examine it closely.

Now allow me to illustrate a picture where your gems do have some flaws. You may get more money by leaving the gem in place. Sometimes it is a catch2-22. You have to consider every option. Diamond Lighthouse will remove the gems and give you a price point. Diamond Lighthouse is good at examining each situation to determine what is the appropriate course of action. Click on sell diamond jewelry for more details.